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Primary Transportation Documents

  • Transportation Technical Assistance Manual - This document was created by incorporating the DOT regulations (49 CFR Part 37) with the interpretive guidance accompanying those regulations. The interpretive guidance provides insight into the rationale for each section of the regulations.
  • Vehicle Access Requirements - This document contains the Access Board's accessibility guidelines for vehicles which are codified at 36 CFR Part 1192. These regulations are equivalent to the Department of Transportation's Regulations codified at 49 CFR Part 38.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transportation

Each of the following documents provides basic information about transportation systems in the form of answers to frequently asked questions.

Other Transportation Documents
  • ADA: Guaranteeing Access to Transportation - This document contains an overview of the transportation aspects of the ADA.
  • Fact Sheet on the Greyhound Over-the-Road Bus Settlement - This fact sheet reviews the settlement between Greyhound and the federal government relative to the accessibility of over-the-road buses.
  • Transportation and the ADA - Providing Non-discriminatory service in fixed route and paratransit services presented by Marilyn Golden on February 12, 2021
  • Transportation and the ADA - Updates: What's happening with ADA transportation around the country presented by Marilyn Golden on January 29, 2021

Related Categories

  • Transportation-Related Interpretation Letters - Federal government agencies respond to citizen requests for interpretation of the ADA. At this link you will find a selection of those interpretation letters specifically related to transportation issues.
  • Transportation Enforcement - The ADA is continuously interpreted through court settlements and decisions. At this link you will find a selection of those settlement agreements and letters of finding specifically related to transportation issues.
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