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Accessibility Provisions (Title III) Of The ADA Technical Assistance Manual

Table of Contents


III-1.0000 Coverage

III-1.1000 General.
III-1.2000 Public accommodations.
III-1.3000 Commercial facilities.
III-1.4000 Examinations and courses.
III-1.5000 Religious entities.
III-1.6000 Private clubs.
III-1.7000 Relationship to title II.
III-1.8000 Relationship to other laws

III-2.0000 Individuals With Disabilities
III-2.1000 General.
III-2.2000 Physical or mental impairments.
III-2.3000 Drug addiction as an impairment.
III-2.4000 Substantial limitation of a major life activity.
III-2.5000 Record of a physical or mental impairment that substantially limited a major life activity.
III-2.6000 "Regarded as."
III-2.7000 Exclusions.

III-3.0000 General Requirements

III-3.1000 General.
III-3.2000 Denial of participation.
III-3.3000 Equality in participation/benefits.
III-3.4000 Separate benefit/integrated setting.
III-3.5000 Discrimination on the basis of association.
III-3.6000 Retaliation or coercion.
III-3.7000 Maintenance of accessible features.
III-3.8000 Direct threat.
III-3.9000 Illegal use of drugs.
III-3.10000 Smoking.
III-3.11000 Insurance.
III-3.12000 Places of public accommodation located in private residences.

III-4.0000 Specific Requirements

III-4.1000 Eligibility Criteria.
III-4.2000 Reasonable Modification.
III-4.3000 Auxiliary Aids.
III-4.4000 Removal of Barriers.
III-4.5000 Alternatives to Barrier Removal.
III-4.6000 Examinations and Courses.

III-5.0000 New Construction

III-5.1000 General.
III-5.2000 Commercial facilities in a home.
III-5.3000 Application of ADAAG.
III-5.4000 Elevator exemption.
III-6.0000 Alterations

III-6.1000 General.
III-6.2000 Alterations Path of travel.
III-6.3000 Alterations: Elevator exemption.
III-6.4000 Alterations Historic preservation.

III-7.0000 The Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)

III-7.1000 General.
III-7.2000 General requirements/definitions
III-7.3000 Accessible elements and spaces Scoping and technical requirements
III-7.4000 Sites and exterior facilities
III-7.5000 Buildings New construction
III-7.6000 Additions
III-7.7000 Alterations
III-7.8000 Special facility types III-8.0000 Enforcement

III-8.1000 General.
III-8.2000 Private suits.
III-8.3000 Investigations and compliance reviews.
III-8.4000 Suit by the Attorney General.
III-8.5000 Attorney's fees.
III-8.6000 Alternative means of dispute resolution.
III-8.7000 Technical assistance.
III-8.8000 Effective date. III-9.0000 Certification

III-9.1000 General.
III-9.2000 Relationship to State and local enforcement efforts.
III-9.3000 Procedure Application and preliminary review.
III-9.4000 Preliminary determination.
III-9.5000 Procedure following preliminary determination of equivalency.
III-9.6000 Procedure following preliminary denial of certification.
III-9.7000 Effect of certification.
III-9.8000 Certification and barrier removal in existing facilities.
III-9.9000 Review of model codes.

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