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The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in air travel and requires air carriers to accommodate the needs of passengers with disabilities. In 1990 the Department of Transportation issued a rule defining the rights of passengers and the obligations of air carriers under this law.

Federal Government Documents

  • ACAA Regulations - This link leads to a table of contents for the ACAA regulations. The sections of the regulations are available in either text or pdf format.
  • Passengers with Disabilities - This DOT document contains a summary of the major provisions of the DOT rule that implements the Air Carrier Access Act.
  • New Horizons (MS Word) - This DOT guide is designed to offer travelers with disabilities a brief but authoritative source of information about the Air Carrier Access rules: the accommodations, facilities, and services that are now required to be available. It also describes features required by other regulations designed to make air travel moreaccessible. (PDF version)
  • Security Screening Issues - This Transportation Security Agency document summarizes many issues related to security screening practices for persons with disabilities.
    Air Carrier Access Act Webcast - Presented by Mike Spollen on November 19, 2020

Documents from Private Organizations

  • Accessible Air Travel Q&A - This booklet, provided by the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans of America, provides people who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids with many answers they need to have a safe and enjoyable flight.
  • ACAA Make It Work for You - This brochure, provided by the Paralyzed Veterans of America, explains some of the requirements of the ACAA, and suggests what individuals should do in case they are a victim of discrimination by an air carrier.
  • Summary of ACAA - This page provides a summary of the ACAA produced by Accessible Journeys at
  • Guide to ACAA - This page provides a more extensive guide to the ACAA produced by Accessible Journeys at

Individual Airline Documents on Passengers with Disabilities

Individual air carriers establish policies on disability issues. The following links lead to those policy statements for various U.S. and international carriers.

  • American
  • America West
  • Continental
  • Delta
  • Northwest
  • Southwest (this is a PDF - Disability information is on pages 16-17)
  • United
  • US Airways
  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa

Resouce Site Links

  • ACAA at DOT - The Department of Transportation office of Civil Rights site provides a variety of useful resources on the ACAA.
  • ACAA Resource Page from ILRU - ILRU provides a good resource page on the ACAA.
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