37.147 Considerations during UMTA review.

In reviewing each plan, at a minimum UMTA will consider the following:

(a) Whether the plan was filed on time;

(b) Comments submitted by the state, if applicable;

(c) Whether the plan contains responsive elements for each component required under 37.139 of this part;

(d) Whether the plan, when viewed in its entirety, provides for paratransit service comparable to the entity's fixed route service; and

(e) Whether the entity complied with the public participation efforts required by this part.

(f) The extent to which efforts were made to coordinate with other public entities with overlapping or contiguous service areas or jurisdictions.
This provision spells out factors UMTA will consider in reviewing each plan, including whether the submission is complete, whether the plan complies with the substance of the ADA regulation, whether the entity complied with the public participation requirements in developing the plan, efforts by the entity to coordinate with other entities in a plan submission, and any comments submitted by the states.

These elements are not the only items that will be reviewed by UMTA.  Every portion of the plan will be reviewed and assessed for compliance with the regulation.  This section merely highlights those provisions thought most important by the Department.