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Chapter 8: Enforcement

Regulatory references: 28 CFR 36.501-36.508.

III-8.8000 Effective date.

The ADA requirements became effective on --
  1. January 26, 1992, generally;
  2. August 26, 1990, for purchase or lease of new vehicles that are required to be accessible.

New facilities designed and constructed for first occupancy later than January 26, 1993, must be accessible.

Is there any grace period for small business? No. All businesses must comply by January 26, 1992. Small businesses, however, do enjoy limited protection from lawsuits. Except with respect to new construction and alterations, no lawsuit may be filed until --

  1. July 26, 1992, against businesses with 25 or fewer employees and gross receipts of $1 million or less.
  2. January 26, 1993, against businesses with ten or fewer employees and gross receipts of $500,000 or less.