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Chapter 3: General Requirements

Regulatory references: 28 CFR 36.201-36.213.

III-3.12000 Places of public accommodation located in private residences.

When a place of public accommodation is located in a home, the portions of the home used as a place of public accommodation are covered by title III, even if those portions are also used for residential purposes. Coverage extends not only to those portions but also includes an accessible route from the sidewalk, through the doorway, through the hallway and other portions of the home, such as restrooms, used by clients and customers of the public accommodation.

ILLUSTRATION: J, a family day care provider, is having a new home built. J intends to use two of the rooms as a family day care center. In addition, the children will be using the master bathroom. Even though the two rooms and bathroom will be used for residential purposes when the children are not present, all three rooms are covered by the title III new construction requirements, because the rooms are not being used exclusively as a residence. Moreover, J must assure that there is an accessible route to the day care rooms and bathroom.