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The following appendix sections are not consecutively numbered because not all sections of the ADAAG have corresponding appendix sections.

A2.0 General.
A3.0 Miscellaneous Instructions and Definitions.
A4.1 Application.
A4.2 Space Allowances and Reach Ranges.
A4.3 Accessible Route.
A4.4 Protruding Objects.
A4.5 Ground and Floor Surfaces.
A4.6 Parking and Passenger Loading Zones.
A4.8 Ramps.
A4.9 Stairs.
A4.10 Elevators.
A4.11 Platform Lifts (Wheelchair Lifts).
A4.12 Windows.
A4.13 Doors.
A4.15 Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers.
A4.16 Water Closets.
A4.17 Toilet Stalls.
A4.19 Lavatories and Mirrors.
A4.21 Shower Stalls.
A4.22 Toilet Rooms.
A4.23 Bathrooms, Bathing Facilities, and Shower Rooms.
A4.25 Storage.
A4.26 Handrails, Grab Bars, and Tub and Shower Seats.
A4.27 Controls and Operating Mechanisms.
A4.28 Alarms.
A4.29 Detectable Warnings.
A4.30 Signage.
A4.31 Telephones.
A4.32 Fixed or Built-in Seating and Tables.
A4.33 Assembly Areas.
A4.36 Saunas and Steam Rooms.
A4.37 Benches.
A5.0 Restaurants and Cafeterias.
A7.0 Business, Mercantile and Civic.
A10.0 Transportation Facilities.
A11.0 Judicial, Legislative and Regulatory Facilities.
A12.0 Detention and Correctional Facilities.
A15.1 Amusement Rides.
A15.2 Boating Facilities.
A.15.3 Fishing Piers and Platforms.
A15.4 Golf.
A15.5 Miniature Golf.
A15.6 Play Areas.
A15.7 Exercise Equipment and Machines, Bowling Lanes, and Shooting Facilities.
A15.8 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Spas.